Shared values

Our philosophy

Our goal

You challenge us to challenge the status quo

The goal we set for ourselves – to help you achieve your goals – means that business as usual is not an option for us. It also means that we address your needs with inventiveness, that we engage you in an ongoing dialog to gain a full picture of your wealth situation.

What it is all about

Our principles at Sora

It takes a financial partner in tune with your values to earn your enduring trust. Let us put you first. And make your successes last.

Entrepreneurial spirit – at eye level

You’re following a vision, not just make a living. Our business is to know your business and empower your decisions. As a bank with an entrepreneurial mindset, whose owners and employees think like you, you can trust us to provide critical support and create the best conditions for developing your business.

Future-ready solutions – with impact

Whether you are a traditional wealth management client, or a non-traditional one, you will appreciate the smart digital products that we combine with classic banking services. Our skills and expertise extend from customary offerings to the newest fintech.

Banking for the way you live – always

Why devote time to understanding you? So you feel comfortable in your investment decisions and confident in the direction your company is headed in. We’re professionals who take banking personal. To give you peace of mind.

Now and years from now

We look ahead for you

You don’t stand still. Your needs evolve. Your situation changes. We stay at your side, both feet planted in the digital world, and look ahead. To anticipate your needs. To advise you proactively. To serve as a valued partner.

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